Episode 12 - Corey Nyman, The Nyman Group

This weeks guest is Corey Nyman of The Nyman Group. Corey grew up in the industry. He started working in the industry at 12 years old doing menu development for Saks fifth avenue cafe in New York City. He’s worked for restaurants like Wolfgang Puck and opened restaurants for Bobby Flay. He’s worked for nightlife groups and for Hilton and Hilton Restaurant Group. Corey shares how he was instantly drawn to the noise, the business of a kitchen and how it operates like a symphony. How he would take his vacation time when working in restaurants to help his father open other restaurants.

In the episode Corey shares his thoughts on the foodservice industry and how he’s seen it evolve over the years. He provides a ton of information, tips, and stories for restaurant operators to help them better run their operation. As Corey says, “Know what you know and know what you don’t know.” Hire talent, don’t overspend, over budget so you are not under capitalized, get as much experience as possible in different roles, and set yourself up for long term success are some of the many topics we discuss in the episode. 

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Jonathan Schroeder