Episode 02- Paul Montenko, Stacked Restaurants

This weeks guest is Paul Montenko, Co-founder and Co-CEO of Stacked Restaurants. Paul started his working career in accounting and made the jump into the foodservice industry by taking over a small pizza joint and turning it into BJ’s Restaurants, Inc. Paul grew BJ’s Restaurants into the brand that it is today and moved on to a new adventure to start Stacked Restaurants. Stacked Restaurants is an emerging chain in California that offers burgers, Mac n’ cheese, pizza and salads through their advanced ordering system that lets guests customize their dining experience. 

In this episode I sit down with Paul to discuss his experience being the first restaurant to introduce the iPad ordering system for customers, not only getting involved in the community but getting involved for authentic reasons, opening his first three stores in five months, getting the right team around you and if you don’t have the experience go out and hire the people who do. 

 www.stacked.com | IG: @stackedrestaurants | FB: @stackedrestaurants | T: @foodwellbuilt

Jonathan Schroeder