Episode 05- Dustin McLaughlin, Dusty Eats

This week we change things up with my good friend Dustin McLaughlin aka Dusty Dink and Dusty Eats. Dustin has seen many sides of the foodservice industry: he’s worked as a bartender and server in restaurants, cafes and nightclubs. From here Dustin transitioned to start his own clothing brand, worked at an advertising agency and most recently you can find Dustin creating content as a free lancer for artists, festivals (food and music), restaurants and food blogs. 

I asked Dustin to come onto the show this week to give a different perspective in the foodservice industry. In this episode, Dustin shares his story and we dive into his experience working on different marketing campaigns, how to utilize social media and understanding analytics, ROI of social media, and how to leverage social media. We also discuss how to work with free lancers to create the content you’re looking for, finding the right person to create your content, if advertising in print is still a good idea, why marketing budget is always the first to get cut, sacrificing in the micro to win in the macro, and authenticity is key.

IG: @dustydink | IG: @dustyeats

Jonathan Schroeder