Episode 07- Chef Andres Dangond

This weeks guest is Chef Andres Dangond. Chef Andres Dangond was born and raised in Colombia where he began cooking in his family restaurant at 14 years old. His culinary work has taken him from Colombia to Spain, Chicago, Los Angeles and has been fortunate to work for some of the best restaurants and chefs around the world. Now in Los Angeles, Chef Andres is cooking up some of his own projects.

In this episode we discuss some topics that run deep into the culinary industry. Chef shares his own experience and thoughts on being persistent to get a job in a restaurant. He also shares his thoughts on going to work for the chefs you admire, constantly asking questions and being a student, the misconceptions of the glamorous lifestyle for young aspiring chefs, his thoughts on culinary school and what advice he would offer to his 14 year old self who is looking to get started in the restaurant industry. 

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Jonathan Schroeder