Episode 08 - Chef Kelly Mullarney, Bruxie

In this weeks episode we have Chef Kelly Mullarney joining the show. Chef Kelly started working in the restaurant industry in his early teens and hasn’t looked back since then. His work has taken him all over the world from Asia, to Europe and North America for many different restaurants and projects. Chef Kelly is the founder and chef for Bruxie Waffles. In 2011, Bruxie was the #2 most yelped restaurant in the country. 

In this episode I sit down with Chef Kelly to discuss the importance of maintaining great relationships with your vendors, getting feedback from bloggers and food writers in the early days, marketing more when things are going well to continue momentum, hiring the right people, taking care of your employees and guests, and never taking success for granted. 

www.bruxie.com | IG: @bruxiewaffles | FB: @bruxiewaffles | Twitter: @BruxieWaffles

Jonathan Schroeder